Gozo is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, part of the European country Malta. Next to the main island ‘Malta’ and the small island ‘Comino’, Gozo is the second-largest one of the country. It’s known for his rural and hilly landscape, compared to the main island less developed. It’s rich in historical locations such as churches and temples. There are as well many beaches and seaside resorts popular with tourists. The island itselfs has a population of around 31’ooo people.

Victoria is the capital of the Maltese island Gozo. It’s located in the centre of the island and by population the largest locality in Gozo. The city is also called ‘Rabat’, the arabic name of the city. In the hearth of Victoria lies the ‘Citadella’ that has been Gozo’s focal point since at least 1500 BC. It was built to protect the village communities from enemies. Within the Citadel a baroque cathedral is situated which has been built between 1697 and 1711 by the Maltese architect Lorenzo Cafà. It is built entirely of local limestone. From the Citadel you will have as well a beautiful view over Gozo.

Xlendi is a village situated in the south west of Gozo and one of today’s most popular tourist sites on the island. It’s located on a beautiful bay with clear blue water. The bay is known for the rocks on the left side of the bay, which are good for sunbathing and diving into the water. Next to swimming there are different water activities such as paddle boating, snorkeling, diving and kayaking (Video Kayaking). Gozo is actually considered one of the top diving destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, many good restaurants for lunch and dinner are settled down near the water. Before tourism became a major industry, the village used to be a fishing site.

Marsalforn is a village on the north west coast of the Maltese island Gozo, located on a bay. There is a long and beautiful seaside promenade all along the bay. Next to the village ‘Xlendi’ it is one of most popular tourist sites on the island that offers many hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches and diving spots.

Dwejra is a tourist village that belongs to the town of San Lawrenz in Gozo. It’s located on a bay, in the west of the island. The ‘Azure Window’ is one of the highlights of Dwejra. It’s a natural rock arch over the sea. The rock formation is about 100 meters long and 20 meters high. It was created thousands of years ago when tow limestone caves collapsed.


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