New York

New York is the most populous city in the United States of America, with a population of about 8.2 million people. Immigrants and their descendants from over 180 countries live here, making it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Moreover, it is among the world’s most important and influential cities and known as well as the cultural and financial capital of the world. New York consists of five areas named the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

During my stay in New York I was mainly in the well-known area of Manhattan that actually represents the city. It’s a long thin island where New York’s premier tourist attractions and most famous skylines are based. The best ways to get around Manhattan are on foot, by cab or by taking the subway.

Following favorite site I’ve visited: The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is known worldwide for his collections of modern art including works of architecture and design, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and film. The Central Park is the largest and most famous green place of the city. It offers a lot of activities as taking walks on sunny days, biking around the park and boating on the lake. The East Village is a trendy neighborhood of Manhattan that began to develop its own identity and culture in the late 1960s, when many artists, musicians, students and hippies began to move into the area.




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