Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is located in the north of the country. Its population is over 1.8 million people. Hamburg is known as well as the biggest port city of Germany, though it is not situated right next to the sea, but along the Elbe river, a major river of Central Europe.

The city centre and old town of Hamburg, called Altstadt, is the best place to stay in a hotel and start the sightseeing. The most important spot in the Altstadt is the town hall called Hamburg Rathaus. A typical visit in the inner city includes also the grand church St.Michaelis which is the most recognizable landmarks of Hamburg. It is the largest Protestant baroque church in northern Germany. The church offers at the top of the building (132meter high) a panoramic view across the roofs of Hamburg.

Speicherstadt is a popular sightseeing attraction as well. The large district of old red-brick warehouses was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2015. HafenCity is a new large ongoing urban development project which is located right next to the Speicherstadt. Construction work started in 2003 and it is planned to finalize the project in a few years, offering residential units for up to 12’000 people and working places for up to 40’000 people.

Hamburg is also a very cultural destination. The city has more than 40 theatres and 60 museums. One museum I’ve visited and that I highly recommend is called Deichtorhallen. It is one of the best known exhibition galleries worldwide. The building is divided into an exhibition hall for contemporary art and the “House of Photography”.

A beautiful part of Hamburg is also Blankenese, a town located in the western part of Hamburg. In the past it was mainly a fishing village along the Elbe River. Today it is known for his beautiful hillside residences, creating a kind of neighborhood full of narrow streets and stairs, called Treppenviertel. It’s worth a visit! You can reach Blankenese by train, boat or bicycle.

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