Frankfurt am Main is the fifth-largest city in Germany, with about 730’000 inhabitants in its city center and 2.3 million in its urban area. It is a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and transportation. As the city is located on the banks of the river ‘Main’, I highly recommend to visit this city in spring/summer, as it offers some nice walks along the river.

Frankfurt is a city of contrasts regarding its architecture. Well maintained old buildings are situated right next to some of the tallest modern skyscrapers of Europe. The old town is located in the heart of the city center. Although many buildings dating to the 14th/15thcentury have been destroyed in 1944 during the World War II, most historic buildings have been reconstructed according to the original plans. The Römerberg, the main square of the old town, is surrounded by the most important and beautiful sightseeing spots of Frankfurt, such as the Römer (today’s city hall) and the Alte Nikolaikirche (medieval church). Just a few steps from the square you will discover two further churches, namely the Paulskirche (Protestant church) and the Kaiserdom (main cathedral). I highly recommend to ascend the cathedral tower, as it offers a stunning view on the old and new part of the city.

The banking district with its modern high-rise buildings is located in the western part of the city center. It is the most important financial center in Germany and one of the largest in Europe along with ‘La Défense’ in Paris and ‘Canary Wharf’ in London. Moreover, the banking district has some of the tallest skyscrapers of Europe, therefore the city is sometimes called ‘Mainhattan’. The tallest structure is the Commerzbank Tower, a 259m skyscraper. Just next to it, the Main Tower offers a public viewing platform.

Frankfurt is also home to several museums, offering a wide range of exhibits. Many of them are located on both banks of the Main river in a district called Museumsufer. The museums which I highly recommend to visit are the Kunsthalle Schirn (most important exhibition venues in Europe, showing contemporary art), the Städel-Museum (offering old and modern artworks) and the Deutsches Filmmuseum (a museum about the art and history of film making). Another attraction you may visit is the Palmengarten, a beautiful botanic garden with a historic palm house which is one of the three biggest  in the world, along with the palm house in London’s ‘Kew Gardens’ and the one at Vienna’s ‘Schönbrunn Palace’.